Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Mental Children #1, 1980

I'm not gonna get paranoid about this fanzine now,
so fuck off!!!
Mental Children Ed., 1980
Mental Children is a Better Badges production so lots of nice pics again - it makes you wonder; was Rough Trade churning these buggers out as puff pieces for their artists......ooh, the cynic appears. Just kidding, it's a fine little fanzine. Reviews: 7"s - The Slits/The Pop Group, Silicon Teens, The Monochrome Set, Last Words, Cabaret Voltaire, The Mo-dettes; Live - The Ramones (very briefly) + recipes and Klingette the Clown cartoon.
A4 scanned at 400 dpi


Chris said...

Another good un Si....great interview with the slits,just finished the slits book,which was quite good.Theres a good interview with Tessa just gone up on the kill your pet puppy site and a bootleg from their 1980 US tour....
thanks again !

Si said...

Nice one Chris - yes, KYPP is a great blog, it's one of my favourites - they always post very thoughtful peices - the recent one on Killing Joke was a stunner - I've not yet read the Slits post, but will be sure to - and snaffle that tasty looking bootleg...'Do a runner'!

Cheers again lad