Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Jamming #9, 1979

I remember my mum said to me, 'you fucking bastard', I thought it was incredible. How many mothers call you that?

Jamming editor Tony Fletcher reckons #9 was probably the "best issue ever...in terms of pure fanzine energy and confidence". It's difficult to quarrel with his assessment - but then, every issue of Jamming brimmed with 'energy and confidence'. To be fair, Jamming did lose appeal for me from issue 13 onwards, though I still bought it. #9 is rammed with: interviews - The Jam (The Ultimate Interview + 1 page Setting Sons review), Rudi, The Fall + Dragnet review and 1 page ad, The Pack, The Selecter; local scene report from Sheffield featuring Cabaret Voltaire, They Must Be Russians, Artery, The Stunt Kites, The Negatives, TV Product, NMX fanzine, Marcus Featherby; Ack Ack feature; The New Jersey Scene with The Feelies, Blackfoot, The Royals, Some Guise, WKGB, Paper Men, TV Toy; letters from, amongst others, Mick Mercer and Nikki Sudden; 7"s - Spizz Energi, Glaxo Babies, The Monochrome Set, The Chords, The Atoms, The Fakes, Swell Maps, Materialschlaft, Inner City Unit, The Feelies, The Barracudas, The Door & Window EP2; LPs - PIL (Extra Issue bootleg), Cabaret Voltaire, Avon Calling comp, Essential Logic, The Clash (Sort it Out bootleg); live - SLF/The Donkeys, Speedball/The Vandels/Second Nature/Smeggy & The Cheesy Bits, The Fall/Scritti Politti/Methodisch Tunes/The Music Club; 'And the Radio is in the Hands' featuring a visit to Bradford's Pennine Radio; TF on Tribalism; Fanzine round-up and Jamming Charts. Top quality product!

A4 scanned at 600 dpi

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Vague #14, 1983

I made a right pig's ear of the last editorial, so this time I'm not gonna bother, this might be the last Vague but you haven't heard the last from us...
Tom Vague

Well it certainly wasn't the last we heard from Tom: Vague's run stands at 64 and counting (1-15 Post-Punk Fanzines, 16-27 Cyber-Punk Manuals, 28-64 London Psychogeography Reports); factor in writings elsewhere, Vaguerants & extensive contributions to the HistoryTalk Notting Hill Timeline, and it's clear, Tom's had his tuppence worth and there's no sign of the man clamming-up yet. Amongst The Vagrants for V14 were Mick Mercer, Steve Rawlings, Ian Death Cult, The Skyboy, Emil Escape, Erica Echenberg, and Tom's Mam. In keeping with previous issues, V14 is a fantastically vibrant article. Eye-poppingly entertaining and infuriating by turns - - it may be Vague but it's never dull. 12 pages are given over to Southern Death Cult - including an extensive interview, 2 page photo spread and a gig by gig review of the 'Fuck the Fat Bastard Tour'. Elsewhere: The Dancing Did; 13th Chime; an address from Danse Society' Steve Rawlings; Pete Scott's, 'Work. N.O. Fuck Work'; Garry Bushell pisstakery, and 'anarcho-glue-punk-zine-negative-bor-inggg-politicoshit' takes a kicking.

Oh, and here's some really great news, Housmans still have V14 in stock at 2 quid a pop! It's a right bargain - go on, snap one up.

scanned at 600 dpi