Thursday, 30 August 2012

Mucilage #2, 1984

Here are the 26 jam-packed pages of Mucilage #2 out of St, Albans courtesy of Aidan and Allan Clifford featuring incisive input from Coral, Debbie and Dave. Top notch interviews with Crass, The Cult, New Model Army, 400 Blows, New Kick, and The Redskins; features on Dr Who & the Rise of Timelord Chic, D.O.A., Beauty Without Cruelty & For Fox's Sake focus on vivesection, animal testing, and bloodsports along with the angry accompaniment of the stirring Black Mass' lyric, Scum (elsewhere there's a note on BM + This is Britain lyric); news on The Shout; live reviews of The Shout, Penumbra/Karma Sutra/No Defences/Chumbawamba, Husker Du; Clive Pig 12" reviewed; Today's Fashionable Cause; comic strips (Nosey Nigel, Baz Razz - He's Always Sick [i.e. he vomits a lot]) + Mucilage charts and a plug for the Mucilage Press, Some Jolly Cheap Printing. 

A4 scanned at 600 dpi

Thursday, 23 August 2012

City Chains #2, 1977

Don't ya just love that snap of The Bazoomis' Metin Kamil (R.I.P.) sneering at ya from the cover of this fanzine? There's a fantastic write-up and live review of The Bazoomis at The Roxy in this the second issue of City Chains - it's such a shame that we can't actually hear how the band sounded. Apparently they did record a demo but legend has it that the blighter is languishing in some obscure cupboard just awaiting to be rediscovered. Worth noting though, members of the band did go on to form the estimable The Expressos, and The Escape Club. Anyway, this here fanzine was the work of Chig and Elaine and a right riveting read it is too. Apart from the tantalising look at The Bazoomis, issue 2 also includes an interview with The Boomtown Rats, The Members and The Victims live at The Roxy, You & The Pistols appraises Sex Pistols, the punk movement under discussion in, Posh or Poor?, news on Sham 69, Ian Dury, The Yachts, and The Damned + a spot of carping about Elvis Costello on Top of the Pops. I like it...

A3 folded scanned at 600 dpi

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Dangerous Logic #3, 1978

Issue 3 of Oliver Lowenstein's, Dangerous Logic is quite a contrast to recent posts such as Grinding Halt. DL is something of professional-looking proposition with design and layout credits going generally to Ian Denning, and Laura Rae Chamberlain for the rather stylish cover. Oliver remains vibrantly active in publishing, primarily through his Fourth Door Review, which is essentially a vehicle for championing the benefits of progressive societies - or as Oliver would put it: "[t]he way I imagine it, the Fourth Door is a way into possible futures, with the emphasis on the plurality implied by possible. It feels today as if the increasing tug and ubiquity of one omnidominant official future, drowns out the capacity to even imagine other, unofficial futures."

Anyway, this edition of DL features a superb bunch of interviews with, and articles on Pere Ubu, The Fall, Buzzcocks and Caroline Coon. The only whiff of a review comes in the shape of an appraisal of Julie Burchill's and Tony Parsons', The Boy Looked at Johhny. A cracking read throughout.

A3 folded scanned at 600 dpi

Friday, 10 August 2012

Grinding Halt #8, 1980

Here's another cracking issue of Callous and Snide's Grinding Halt. It's always a pleasure to see the GH masthead screaming out from ee but really I'm posting this now as an artifice directing you towards Stewart "Eddie Snide" Osbourne's, Grinding Halt Facebook page onto which Stewart has begun uploading the full run of the fanzine - topper stuff indeed. As with all GHs, #8 is heaving with delights, namely: superb interviews with The Passions, The Skids (Richard Jobson), Killing Joke, The Dead Kennedys (Jello Biafra); live reviews of The Suspects/The Seize, The Passions, The Diagram Brothers/The Undercoverman/Freudianslip, The Delmontes/Foreign Press, The Thing/Paris/Foreign Press, The Revillos, The Saints, The Skids, The Specials/Swinging Cats/223, The Comsat Angels/Liliput/Wah! Heat/Killing Joke/Pink Military (what an extraordinarily ace line-up!), The Dead Kennedys/UK Decay, The Ramones/The Spectres, Rockpile/The Polecats, John Cooper Clarke, The Durutti Column Pauline Murray & The Invisible Girls; tons of vinyl reviews - 7"s, The Seize, Potent Human EP (Manchester Mekon, The Spurtz, The Liggers, Bathroom Renovations), 8 From '80, A Carlisle Compilation (The Spive, The Pedestrians, Mr Buider, No Support, The Toolbox Murderers, The Limps), Killing Joke, Liliput, Sector 27, The Spectres, Mo-Dettes, Basement 5, Glaxo Babies, Bullseye, UK Subs, Dolly Mixture, Purple Hearts, Echo & The Bunnymen, X-S Discharge, The Monochrome Set, The Professionals, The Distractions, Wasted Youth, Josef K, The Residents, The Rat & The Whale, The Tea Set, Gen X, Poly Styrene, Orange Juice, Athletico Spizz 80, The Revillos, The Passions, The Damned, The Teardrop Explodes, Joy Division, Victim, The Diagram Brothers, The Astronauts, Some of My Best Friends are Canadians, Data, The Psychedelic Furs, Motorhead, The Bollock Brothers, The Stiff Sampler (The Equators, Joe "King" Carrasco & The Crowns, Tenpole Tudor, Dirty Looks, Any Trouble); 12"s, The Saints, The Skids, The Specials, The Cockney Rejects, Killing Joke, UK Subs, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, The Piranhas, XTC; and a mini feature on Bugle Records (Johnny Curious, The Astronauts, Bob Green, The Produkt, The Screws, War Effort, The Plague 1980).

A3 folded scanned at 600 dpi

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Adventures In Reality #G, 1981

Stylishly staying Coventry-side here with Alan Rider's excellent, Adventures in Reality. Get the low-down on all things AinR from Alan himself in this great Zine Weekly interview. To ogle the full run of AinR covers, and those of Alan's, Not the Jobhunter, check out part 2 of  the ZW feature. Well worth noting is Alan's working towards charting Coventry's punk fanzine output in a, hopefully, soon to be published book. Apparently Alan has catalogued 50 or so fanzines! Consider that lot alongside recent ee posts such as Smart Verbal, Alternative Sounds, and this here AinR and you've just gotta marvel at how richly Midland UK was zine-served. Good Work! Contributors to #G included Andy C., Steve Teers, Nick Edginton, Hugh Tobin, 'Pamala', Lynne Wallace and Benjamin Allen. Rammed with: Crass, Poison Girls, Anne Anxiety, and Flux of Pink Indians at Digbeth Civic Hall (April 22), Eyeless in Gaza, Human Cabbages, and 3 Way Dance at the General Wolfe (May 7), Modern Zoo/Famous Five/Speech Majors; a report on the closure of Cov' Tiffanys  featuring an alternative venue checklist (The Launch, Coventry Theatre, Gen' Wolfe, Belgrade); Component Erotic with contributions from Simon and Christie; interview with Attrition, including of course Martin Bowes of Alternative Sounds fame; the AinR Coventry Family Tree part 1 covering Night Train, Chapter Five, Ray King Band, Squad, Urge, Berlin, DGB, Urban Blight, Transposed Men, Swinging Cats, Tearjerkers, Aching Tongue, Solid Action, Outlook, Fallen Heroes, Editors, Team, X-Certs, Gods Toys, Aorta Major, End, Mix, and L'Homme de Terre; vinyl reviews for The Misunderstood, Au Pairs, Killing Joke, Blue Orchids, Pressure Stops, and Pre-Set; Poetry from Andy C.; helpful hints on doing a zine, and Alan essays Urban Life. Topper!  

42cm x 30cm wrapper & 40cm x 30cm folded + inserts scanned at 600 dpi