Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Anti-Climax #8, 1981

AC: So you're opposed to the whole aura of the 'rock scene'.
Jaz: Of course I'm fucking opposed to it. Don't you think it's funny that people like us can be in a studio like this. They hate it, the idea that a grotty little turd like me could get anywhere near what they're doing. I hate the music business. I like the scene that you guys are interested in - small bands.
Jaz Coleman, 1981
Issue #8 of Anti-Climax has good interviews with UK Decay and Killing Joke + a fairer appraisal of Another Pretty Face + a mention of The Anticx from Haverhill. 7" reviews - Pinpoint, Redbeat, Ski Patrol, Crass + letters. Cracking stuff.
A4 scanned at 400 dpi


Chris said...

Another good un Si....The Damned,UK Decay & Killing Joke were all on up in Blackpool last year,and they were all fantastic ! Thanks again !

Longy said...

Brilliant post again Si. Top man :)

Si said...

Nice one Chris and Longy - solid, the pair of you.

Chris, Yeah I'd really like to see the ressurrected UK Decay - and can imagine Joke were ace - possibilty of seeing them later this summer.

Longy, not sure if you spotted it but you earned a consolation prize in the AC#5 comp - see comments there - if you'd like the prize let me have an address.

Cheers both