Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Anti-Climax #5, 1980

AC: Hi Jimmy
Jim: Hello
AC: Eh!
.Jim: What do you mean, eh?
'Jimmy Pursestrings', 1980
Issue #5 of Phil and Nidge's Anti-Climax.
Reviews: live - The Adicts/Disco Zombie/Mysterons; LPs - The Damned, Crass, Cherry Red Comp (Rudi, Girlschool, Those Naughty Lumps, Crisis, The Shapes, Newtown Neurotics, AK Process, Second Layer, Glaxo Babies, Llygod Ffyrning, Poison Girls, Piranhas, Spizz Oil, I Jog And The Tracksuits); 7"s - Pulp, 999, Epileptics, Swell Maps, Angelic Upstarts, The Stiffs, Cockney Rejects + letters/charts.
Single & Double sided A4 scanned at 400dpi
Ok, so I have a spare copy of this fanzine - if you'd like it, have a scan around this post for the hidden mediafire link - first person to make a comment using the password gets the fanzine.
Anonymous comments enabled
Hidden link revealed - to the left of the 2nd Jim.


Longy said...

What password lol. I found the link okay anyway. Cheers for this Si. Top stuff again.

Si said...

Lol - Longy, I've hidden another mediafire link in the post - it's tricky to find, but when clicked it reveals the password.


Longy said...

lol well you've hid it very well!

Si said...

hahaa - maybe too well - in fact it's almost invisible - you'll need to feel about with the cursor - go on Longy lad, have another go...

Andy T said...

Password is Zebras

Very clever stuff indeed

Crimewave said...

Bloody hell that was hard to find - password is Zebras
Could you have made it a little harder - lol.
Only recently found your site - top class and thanks

Longy said...

I've missed a goal and sending off clicking this thing! I give up :)

Anonymous said...

What lies over the wall on the cover?

How's that?

Chris said...

Got it ! would the password be ZEBRAS ? That was well hidden Si ! Looking forward to reading The Damned interview in this one....went watching them the other week with Ed Tudor Pole in Manchester...fantastic gig ! The Damned setlist was fantastic (apart from Eloise !) Thanks again Si

Si said...

Well done for getting involved chaps.

Andy T. wins the fanzine.

Since it proved to be so fiendish I'm gonna offer everybody else a little consolation prize: an original copy each of Penny Rimbaud's text, 'Oh America' - produced by Exitstencil Press for Crass' night at the NFT's 'Never Mind The Jubilee' thing in 2002.

So, Longy, Andy T, Crimewave, Anonymous, and Chris - all please send a postal address to and I'll whack your winnings in the post.

Btw, is that Andy 'Weary Of The Flesh' T.?

Cheers y'all.

Andy T said...

Oooh, nice to win something, many thanks!

Yes, I am that Andy T

Excellent blog Si

Si said...

Cheers Andy, thanks for the address - I'll get that off to you this weekend + a copy of Pen's poem.

I will be doing more comps so please stay tuned - next up for grabs will be a copy of Nicky & The Dots - Never Been So Stuck (Small Wonder) - more about that later.

Thanks for the compliment too.

About Weary - I still play that now and again - we once emblazoned the legend, 'Just Think How The Animals Feel', in six foot letters across the Shelf bacon factory in Bradford - the bacon factory has now gone (hello foot & mouth) - and the grafitti was scrubbed off decades ago, but is still faintly visible.

Best to you.

Crimewave said...

Recieved the Rimbaud piece this morning - thank you very much. Nice

Si said...

It's a pleasure Russ - glad you like it.


Longy said...

Thanks Si. You have been mailed!