Wednesday, 19 May 2021

Scrawl, 1980


Grinding Halt #12, 1981

We Are All Dissidents
Following such a lengthy hiatus you can expect a rash of posts in the coming weeks - and that's beyond the obituary fest that ee has become in recent months. I'm getting the ball rolling again with another delve into the busy busy world of Callous and Snide as glimpsed through their treasured organ, Grinding Halt. As usual it's packed with: Interviews - TV Smith's Explorers, Martian Dance, Vice Squad; Articles - Sub-Active, Ruts DC, The Au Pairs, Skeleton Records, The Windows, Anti Establishment; Live reviews - Altered Images/Bee Vamp, Theatre of Hate, Vice Squad/Varicose Veins/Surgical Supports, The Psychedelic Furs/ Wasted Youth, The Undertones/TV 21, The Au Pairs/Tarzan 5, Stockholm Monsters, Apocalypse Now: Anti Pasti/The Exploited/Discharge, DamnedDeadShamBand, The Teardrop Explodes, Bauhaus/The Birthday Party/Subway Sect, Echo & the Bunnymen/The Blue Orchids, Crass/Poison Girls; LPs - Black Uhuru, Killing Joke, Motorhead, Swell Maps; and 7"s - Magazine, Pre-Set, Pressure Stops, Red Beat, Delta 5, Out on Blue Six, Artery, Extraverts, Vice Squad, The Professionals, Dig Dig Dig, Between Pictures, The Cramps, Hazards in the Home, The Ramones, The Passions, Department S, Wire, Bauhaus, The Epileptics, Attempted Moustache, The Misunderstood.
A3 folded scanned at 600 dpi

Slow Dazzle #4, 1984


Certain Gestures #1, 1982