Sunday, 29 April 2012

White Stuff #6, 1977

sorry, but the pistols just made quarter of a million...they don't need any free promo from me any more...
Sandy Robertson's White Stuff, as namechecked in the last Sniffin' Glue post, features contributions from Alex Fergusson (no introductions should be needed for this chap), Glenn Marks, Tony D., and Skid Kid (Ripped & Torn co-conspirator). White Stuff is clearly something of PattiSmithzine: this issue has Patti art, Hotel art and a Devotion to Arthur Rimbaud. Elsewhere, there's The Colossus of Henry Miller by Frank Letchford, which includes the questionable assertion, "women lack the vitality and curiosity for bold experience". I'm not overly familiar with Miller's oeuvre so maybe Letchford is just citing the writer - whatever, I couldn't let that slip through unchecked. Glenn Marks', No More Heroes, looks at 'half ready' product and assesses the criteria for hero status. You can find more commentary on Sandy here, here and here from Alex F. on his and Sandy's close association.
A4 single sided scanned at 600 dpi

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Sniffin' Glue #7, 1977

Hits, downloads and comments prove Sniffin' Glue #12  to be by far the most popular e.e. post, so it's about time we had a gander at another of Mark P's inspirational efforts. The back page is missing from my copy so I've tacked on scans from Sniffin' Glue: The Essential Punk Accessory - again, I recommend scoring a copy of that book while you can - - it's got the full bloody run in it! At any rate, the back page Track ad adds to Mark's remarking about the "£60" so it's well worth having sight of it and we wouldn't wanna be without Erica Echenberg's Hang Up now would we? SG#7 is pre-Danny Baker but Steve Mick, Harry T. Murlowski and EE are on board for comments and photos. Mark P. interviews The Adverts and Don Letts; The Gorillas at The Nashville reviewed; news on The Clash and Generation X; U.S. scene namechecking with Nerves, Low Numbers, Bizarros, Thundertrain, Count Viglione, Gizmos, Venus & The Razorblades, Sneakers, Slickee Boys, Pentagram and Pictures; vinyl reviews - Buzzcocks, Spiral Scratch (including enthusiastically reproduced Breakdown lyrics), The Stranglers, Johnny Moped, The Gorillas, Talking Heads, Crime and The Ramones Leave Home +++ "fanzines that have come out since the last issue: Teenage Depression/White Stuff/Kid's Stuff/More-on 2/Zip-vinyl/Sideburns 2/O.D 2/Flicks/Fishnet Tights" see, inspiring! "See yer..." 

Double and single sided A4 scanned at 600 dpi

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Nihilistic Vices #1, 1979


So, 'Not Just A Fanzine' eh? Well I am inclined to agree. It has the feel of a Toxic Graffitti or some such - though not quite as dense as TG. Contributors for issue 1 include Jonny Cretin, Grolly Green, Tarka the Otter, Dibblewacky and Dormouse - I wish I had their real names. Anyway, NV is a great non-fanzine featuring: short pieces on Nuclear Power, drugs (socially acceptable and otherwise), ethical dressing with Punky Plimmies, the Tories coming to power in So, Maggie Snatcher's in, and The Nihilistic Vices' Guide to Street Credibility; The Great Rock 'N' Roll Bore cartoon; controversial singles in the shape of The Clash - Cost Of Living EP, The Damned - Love Song, XRay Spex - Inflammable Material, Chas & Dave - Gertcha, and ATV - The Force is Blind; 7"s - The Mekons, The Pack, Crisis, Bauhaus, Spizz Energi, UK Decay/Pneumania, Gloria Mundi, and The Wall; LPs - UK Subs, Punishment of Luxury, Joy Division, Gary Numan, Tubeway Army, and The Fall; poetry; interesting collage; live review of Slaughter & the Dogs; and a review of Patrik Fitzgerald's, Poems.

A4 scanned at 600 dpi

Friday, 6 April 2012

Jim Marshall 1923-2012

R.I.P. Jim

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Paul Gilbert 1961-2012

R.I.P. Paul

Monday, 2 April 2012

Barricade #2, 1980

Come on don't be so apathetic write to me if only to say what a load of dross BARRICADE is...

Barricade #2 eases-up a little on its Northern Ireland fixation and tips its hat to the Republic's rising stars, U2 - oh, and there's a 1 page plug for Virgin Prunes. Of course NI is revisited with a Rudi feature and an Introduction to the band from Good Vibrations record shop/label founder, Terri Hooley. Elsewhere we have interviews with 3 Minutes and 96 Tears + live reviews of The Well Endowed/96 Tears, The Piranhas, U2, Bad Manners and Ultravox.
A4 folded scanned at 600 dpi