Wednesday, 19 May 2010

London's Burning #1, 1976

the fanzine by a Clash fan for Clash fans,
has been done because it beats sharpening pencils...
...dial 999 at your own risk.
Jonh Ingham, 1976

A big treat here for Clash fans - Jonh Ingham's stylish London's Burning. It's a very nifty piece indeed with some fantastic collage work. Apart from this wonderful fanzine Ingham is credited with conducting the first Sex Pistols interview (published in Sounds, 24 April '76), writing the Rough Trade Newsletter, and penning many freelance pieces about the emergent Punk scene for papers such as Sounds and NME. Jonh writes on- you can read him in MOJO, the Word, Uncut and other publications.
Single sided A4 scanned at 400dpi


Longy said...

Many thanks for this one Si. Looking forward reading this.

Si said...

Thanks as ever Longy - a nice one to linger over is this one - great visuals - and correct me if I'm wrong, the lyrics for White Riot contains a verse that didn't make it onto the vinyl.

Oh, and congrats on the double - shame about Ballack's world cup chances though.


Longy said...

Well as his a german,I couldn't care less about his chances lol. Cheers for the congrats :)

Chris said...

Fantastic stuff.....have always regretted never seeing the the time we started gigging in the early 80s,we were firmly on the anarcho side of the fence ! oh well ! Saw the masceleros a few times though,and thought there lps were fantastic.Off to Strummercamp next week,should be a good do ! Thanks again !

Si said...

Lol - apologies Longy, I missed that one.

Yours too Chris - sorry, a bit slack of me. I just managed to scrape in with the Clash - 1980 Armageddon Times Tour - more about that later when I review Bradford's Violation.

How was Strummercamp?