Monday, 10 May 2010

Jamming #7, 1979

If you ever become established , have you any ambitions to go onto something more complicated?

SID: No, I don't think anybody can get above their own station in life.
(Viv): Just keep it down to basics.
SID: Yeah, if I ever got the urge to do something like that, I'd consider myself a total cunt, and I'd blow my brains out.
Sid Vicious/Viv Albertine, 1976
Tony Fletcher's Jamming was an utterly superb fanzine. I'm not gonna risk attempting to do a chronological posting of the full run, though I will be sneaking the occasional copy onto the blog. Issue #7 also includes the Jamming Charts, an excellent fanzine roundup, 7" reviews - The Jam, Patrick Fitzgerald, Swell Maps, Shrink, Doll By Doll, Wasps, Straight Eight, Homosexuals, Siouxsie & The Banshees, Dr. Alimantado, 12" reviews - Sex Pistols, ATV, The Stranglers, Skids, Tom Robinson Band and Stiff Little Fingers. Live reviews of The Raincoats/Scritti Politti, The Cure. Reprised interview with Sid Vicious + a charming little letter from The Rezillos' Faye Fife.
'A4 scanned at 400dpi.


Chris said...

Excellent stuff....never got to see any of these when they were out,so its much appreciated,thanks again !

Si said...

Nice one Chris - your comments are always welcome - I will post more Jamming - some of the mid period ones are amongst my favourite fanzines - visually immaculate with excellent written content.