Saturday, 22 May 2010

Grinding Halt #5, 1980

Ladies & Gentlemen
How do?
Eddie Snide, 1980

This is a real corker of a fanzine - starting in 1979, Eddie Snide and Captain Callous produced 12 issues of Grinding Halt. Issue #5 is jam packed with excellent articles and reviews. Decent pieces on Patrick Fitzgerald and The Members. Reviews: 7"s - Those Naughty Lumps, Cult Figures, Apartment, The Donkeys, VIPs, The Yachts, Echo & The Bunnymen, The Scars, Stiffs; LPs - The Undertones, The Members, UK Subs, The Slits, The Pop Group, Magazine, The Fall, The Cure; Live - Mo-Dettes/Athletico Spizz 80/Tenpole Tudor, A Fast Crowd/Idiot Dancers, General Accident/Johnny & The Moondogs, The Wall, The Cramps/The Fall/Fashion, The Flatbackers/The K9s, Crisis/The Lazers/The Straps, and Wasted Youth. The interviews with Athletico Spizz 80 and Wreckless Eric are particularly smashing.

A4 scanned at 400 dpi


Longy said...

This looks like another real beauty. Grabbing it now and once again,cheers Si for sticking this one up for everybody to share.

Chris said...

Looking forward to reading this one Si....thanks again !

Si said...

As ever, many thanks Chris and Longy for showing your appreciation - I've gotta say, it's you two chaps that have kept me afloat with your unfailing civility.

Enjoy the read - and again, cheers

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

This is indeed interesting Si, I was only playing The Wall last night. I've still got a few of the zines you've put up, and a stack of others, those were the days, used to do one myself, Verbal Abuse it was called, I've tried to scan a couple of issues to stick on the blog (my Century fanzine??)but the quality has been naff, so I aint posted them. All the best. Stay Strong and Keep On Keeping On!

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

there's supposed to be a 21st in front of Century in previous comment.

Nat King Dole said...

My mind boggles at the idea of Crisis playing with the Cockney Rejects, wish I coulda been there. Funny that the 'zine refers to Patrick Fitzgerald as "boring." Also liked the description of the Subs as uninspiring but reliable, still holds true to this day.

Si said...

Many thanks Nuzz. Are you saying that you have another blog apart from Prowlin' Wolf? I had a bit of search for My 21st Century Fanzine but had no joy. At any rate, I'd quite like to have a peek at Verbal Abuse - I don't recall ever seeing that one.

All the very best to you.


Si said...

Hi Nat, thanks for the comments - it is a bit odd - I never found Patrick F. Boring - in fact, I reckon his was quite a radical approach to punk - wielding as he did a battered acoustic. UK Subs were one of the first bands I saw live - 1979 - they certainly inspired me - I still dig out Another Kind of Blues for a rinsing every now and again.

All the best.


Anonymous said...

Ladies & Gentlemen, How do....

Wow, thrilled to see GH still giving a few people some small amount of pleasure and even still creating some small amount of controversy - who'd have imagined this when me and Captain Callous were sitting in my bedroom trying to create something by beating the hell out of my mum's old typewriter with one finger and trying to distract attention away from our journalistic incompetence using pictures that we'd brazenly cut out of NME, Sounds and Melody Maker?
Many thanks for doing this and if you're interested in providing a virtual home for any or all of the other 10 issues that we produced then I've got copies of all of 'em here and I'd be delighted to scan them for you.

Stay Free,

The Ghost Of Eddie Snide

pinkie said...

Gutted to have missed Patrik Fitzgerald at Brighton's Caroline of Brunswick last Wednesday...boring? No way...and still going he is fairly recently in someone's back garden (loving the jesus boots, Patrik):

Anonymous said...

Ladies & Gentlemen, How do?

Well well well, who'd of thunk it eh? Extraordinary and wonderful to see that; three decades after Captain Callous and myself sat in my bedroom, taking it in turns to beat my Mum's old portable typewriter into submission using only one finger each and attempting to distract attention from our distinct lack of any discernible journalistic ability by sticking in a few pictures that we'd cut out from NME, Sounds, Melody Maker, various other 'zines and Cally's little brother's comic collection; Grinding Halt is still giving pleasure to a discerning few.

And still quietly courting a little controversy too!

Fwiw I still stand by my description of the UK Subs as being "uninspiring but reliable" - although I hardly expected at the time that Charlie Harper (who, lest we forget, was hardly a spring chicken even back in '78) would still be going strong 30 years later; and over the years his energy and enthusiasm and hugely indomitable spirit has proven to be *immensely* inspiring.

As for Patrik Fitzgerald, whilst I'd like to think that we were always impressd by "a radical approach"; as two snotty-nosed 16 year old tykes who were looking primarily for speed and anger and madness and energy and ear-shredding volume in a live performance; a poet wielding a battered acoustic just didn't provide what we were looking for at the time.

Anyhoo, absolutely delighted that you've chosen to make these 2 little fragments of a youth that maybe wasn't entirely wasted after all (even if I was a lot of time) re-available to a potentially much wider audience than we could ever have hoped to reach at the time by selling the 'zine via the independent record shops of the Thames Valley, Manchester and Liverpool and the queues outside a few hundred punk gigs; and if you should wish to make the other 10 fragments available in a similar manner then I've still got copies of 'em all here and I'd be delighted to assist or co-operate in any way I can.

Stay Free,

The Late Eddie Snide

Si said...

An especial hello to the Late Eddie Snide, what an blinding delight to hear from you. I'm made up that you approve of the blog and offer no objection to your work appearing here. As for hosting the remainder of the Grinding Halts - that would be an absolute treat - not only for the lovely folk following the blog, but for me too.

Please drop me a line at:
and I'm sure we can work out between us the best way to present the full run of GH - maybe get a little bit of editorial from you kind sir??

Anyway, cheers for now and I look forward to hearing from you.

All the best

pinkie said...

My mate in Reading, Robert Dudgeon, guitarist with (very!) short lived band Ex-People,has a copy of "Grinding Halt", which I read on my last visit to his gaff. I know he would be delighted to see any other copies you have, Eddie, as would I. Btw I follow your Youtube channel too.
Really enjoying this post/blog,
Cheers, David ;))

Si said...

Hahaa! Thanks for the Patrik link David - yep, love those sandals. His entire ensemble is a killer. Sounding brilliant there - having never had the pleasure of seeing him I'm holding out hopefully.

Anyway, there's no doubting the appearance of more GHs here so do keep popping by.