Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Toxic Grafity #5 (inc N.R.R.), 1980

The Vilest Form of Communication

I real hefty piece is TG#5 - weighty in page count and content. Mike hammers home some strong and sustained commentary on the family/parenthood, socialisation, anarchy, the mass media, the army and conscription -'Civil Defence is a Shallow Pretence' being particularly prescient; foregrounding as it does the mainstream media's penchant for championing military misdaventurism - just as they do still - see how the BBC et al dutifully demonise the official enemies and lead the cheers for NATO slaughter in Afghanistan and Libya - 'A Reality of Horror' indeed. Elsewhere there's lyrics from The Eratics, Poison Girls and Crass. Annie Anxiety contributes 'Das Ist Der Heil Das Sie Briggen' (This is the Healing they Bring) + there are several pages from Throbbing Gristle and a liberal sprinkling of sloganeering and collage .
There were 2 edition of TG#5 though there is no difference in content - 2 pages rendered in standard type rather than the 50% reduction account for the 2 page difference across the editions - Oh, and the Second Edition was A3 folded and saw a 20p price increase. TG#5 also featured the scintillating Crass Flexi, Tribal Rival Rebel Revel - its inclusion sent circulation into the stratosphere. Absolutely fantastic throughout.

A4 scanned at 600 dpi


Seany Rotten said...

Have you any old Northern Ireland PuNk fanzines NOT currently up in my web site slide show??




MRMAGOOMC4 said...

i did one issue of a fanzine called running riot if you ever get hold of this could you let me know cheers

Si said...

Will do Mr Magoo