Thursday, 3 February 2011

Spitting Pretty Pikktures, 1983

Never mind the Bomb -
who's got the Biggest Cock?
Finishing of this little batch of Leezines with Spitting Pretty Pikktures - worth posting for the title alone. Lee notes here that this is his twelfth production within 4 years - and going on the work seen here, that's gotta be a goodly oeuvre. Like Anathema, SPP is stuffed with poetry, musings and collage, with contributions from Kim and Neil + a fantastically extensive interview with Poison Girls' Lance, Richard and Vi. Excellent stuff.
A4 folded scanned at 400 dpi


Chris said...

Fantastic stuff Si.....thanks for this and Anathema #2 as well ! Thanks again !

Si said...

You're a gent Chris - as ever, thanks for your support.

Amazingly, we are aproaching EE's first anniversay - I intend to do another extended posting - not quite on the scale of the Bradford thingy - but I will be giving away a number of prizes - make sure you're in with a shout Chris.

All the best.

DaveO said...

Hey Si, Nice stuff. You've been better than me at regular postings! I'm trying to get going again.. got a few things in the pipeline. Just did a brief Satellites posting tonight and jope to get some more zines up soon.
Cheers, Dave

Si said...

Hi DaveO, thanks for stopping by - yeah, I kind of slowed right up myself for a period but am now back to making semi-regular posts. Good to see some activity on Music and Stuff- I look forward to your future postings.

All the best

Andy T said...

Hi Si,

I spent a lovely weekend in London recently, with Lee Gibson and his son Felix.
I was down there for the secret Mob gig in Shoreditch.
Lee & I hadn't seen each other for a long long time and the time between disappeared very quickly. Lee is still writing stuff, books these days and looking for a publisher.

Cheers, Andy T xx

Si said...

Thanks for that Andy - I'm pleased to hear Lee is doing well and is still writing - I'll have to try and track down some of his recent stuff.

Slightly green about the Mob Shoreditch gig - I bet that was a good night. Still, I'll be along to the Brixton do in November where I'm sure I'll get a chance to catch up with your good self.

All the best