Friday, 14 January 2011

Anathema #1, 1982

Solid stuff here from Lee (Stockton-on-Tees) - I think there were just 2 editions produced, both in 1982 [corrections always welcome]. Anathema was Lee's second effort, having earlier delivered Kiss the Earth, and latterly, Spitting Pretty Pikktures. Anathema is a series of astute rants, essays and poetry grappling with politics, feminism, consumerism, socialisation, torture, animal liberation, consumerism, religion, machismo, mental health, and the occult. Great contributions from Amanda M, Andy T, and Vanessa L. #1 includes an excellent 8 page interview with Crass and part 2 of a Poison Girls interview. Unfortunately this copy is missing pages 32-40 - if anybody can provide those it'd be greatly appreciated.
A4 scanned at 400 dpi


Chris said...

Good stuff Si....thanks again ! Found some Zed on youtube.....dont know if youve seen it or not thanks again

Si said...

Nice one Chris - yes, I had seen that one - in fact, it's taken from a video of the whole gig - Jont has a copy of the whole thing filmed with 2 cameras - I've been meaning to edit that and post the lot to YT - I must get around to it at some point.

Again, thanks for your support here Chris - I intend to get back to making more regular posts from next week - 1 a week would be doable - there's still a sizeable pile to get through + people are starting to contact me with offers of more stuff - so it's looking good for an EE long life.

All the best to you

Chris said...

Would be good to see some more footage of zed.I wish i'd kept my old fanzines from the 80s....i use to have loads....ive only got a hand full left....which have already been posted on punks is hippies....thankfully people like yourself kept hold of them ! Thanks again !