Saturday, 3 July 2010

Ripped & Torn #15, 1978

Tony old son,
why don't you come up to the NME and laugh in our faces?
Why don't you come up and make the snide pathetic insults to our faces? Then me & you can go out the back and you can keep laughing out there. This is an open invitation, okay?
Come up here whenever you're ready, I'm waiting for ya.
Tony Parsons, 1978
Another bona fide classic here. There's plenty of info about R&T and its creator, Tony Drayton, on the web - not least the fine Kill Your Pet Puppy website, structured around Tony's equally fine second fanzine of the same name. So I'll not bother with the usual gobbets here. Again, I've a good few of these to upload, and again they'll be making random appearances.
Issue #15 has Wayne County, Sham 69 take a token kicking, the Viletones, Tony D. on the Motorcycle Sluts and an appraisal of 60's psych' (Standells, Sonics, Electric Prunes etc). Full page Antz advert (ditto Bernie Torme Band). Reviews: 7"s - Adam & The Antz, Patrick Fitzgerald, Rocky Sharpe & The Replays, Spizz Oil, Big in Japan, Sex Pistols, ATV, The Shangrilas, Kraftwerk, prag Vec, The Outcasts, Vermillion, Psychotic Pineapple, Chris Spedding, X Ray Spex, Kleenex, Menace; LPs - The Clash, Siouxsie & The Banshees, X Ray Spex, The Jam, Johnny Thunders, Penetration; Live - UK Subs, Cygnus/Idols/Puritans, Logic Band + charts, letters (includng Mick Mercer [Panache] - - see above for Tony Parsons' intemperate missive) + PIL feature in the super R&T poster. Excellent stuff throughout.
A3 folded scanned at 400 dpi


Longy said...

Looks like another goodie. Cheers Si,loving all your posts here.

Si said...

Nice one Longy - I'm sure you'll enjoy this R&T - it really was a splendid fanzine.

Again, thanks for your support mate. Just about to nip over to yours for that Lurkers stuff.


Chris said...

Fantastic stuff Si.....was impressed by the fact that this fanzine was no 15 by November 78...prolific or what ! Some fanzines took years to get a couple of issues out,thanks again !

Si said...

Thanks Chris and Andy - yes a fantastic output, and as this issue shows, always jam-packed with interesting and thought provoking comment. I think at least 1 issue of KYPP should go on this site also - it too was a great fanzine - it'll be another opportunity to point folk in the direction of the KYPP site where the full run along with tons of other interesting literature/posters/flyers have been uploaded.

Cheers both