Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Terminal Boredom #4, 1984

It's more than a fight for jobs and cash now. It's a fight for freedom and basic human rights-we must support them + smash Thatcher.

Stringy, 1984

Ok, so I'm gonna relent - sneakily though - this will be a triple posting - but since Terminal Boredom issues 6/7 were published in 1985 they'll be tacked on at the end with no banner. I'm making this (first) exception because the 2 issues describe/review events from 1984 and contain an exceptional 2 part Crass interview. Issue #4 includes a KUKL review. Live reviews: Nostell Priory Festival featuring The Damned/Chelsea/Dr. & The Medics; Conflict of Nations/Freestate; Disrupters; the Aderdare Colliseum Miners Benefit featuring Crass [last gig]/Flux of Pink Indians/Annie Anxiety. Lots of 'News' [Antisect, Hagar the Womb, The Sears, No Defences, Decadent Few] + an epitaph for Panorama in Black. The original quirky sequencing of the interviews with Subhumans and Iconoclasts are retained in the pdf.

Record/tape reviews: Anti Nowhere League, Lunatic Fringe, The Stranglers, Hit Parade, Daffodils and Daisies compilation tape, Crass Live At Birmingham, Avoid. The plug for Bane Tapes mentions Still Life in Action, The Fringe, The Without, Freestate, Mysterie Boys, Raw Niose, Anihilated, Panorama in Black, Bane, Stupids, Beethoven on Saturday, And Stoic Makes, Blowers, Third Stone, Fire Sermon, 777-I. Review of the Manchester Hawkon Hawkfan extravaganza + lots of 'News' and stuff.
Record/tape reviews: Cleanse the Bacterium - Various Artists, Alternative, Penny Rimbaud/Eve Libertine. Live reviews: Wretched/Disorder/Rancid/Dirge/Skum Dribblers; Conclict/Icons of Filth/Instigators; Hawkwind + lots of 'News' etc.
A4 scanned at 400 dpi


Longy said...

Thanks Si. These Terminal ones look good. I'm going to have all 3. Cheers mate.

si said...

Most welcome Longy - enjoy the read.


Chris said...

Good stuff Si.....thanks again !

si said...

Cheers Chris, I'm glad they appeal to you - happy reading.

Anyway guys I'm just plucking-up the courage to post some of the big hitters - Vague/Jamming/Sniffing Glue etc...thing is I reckon doing so will invite some aggro.

We'll see

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Cheers Slobodan.

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

neato...with 1000 gb or so of music files in getting 4 boxes of records sold with ripping and others efforts, I haven't even had time for mag.'s yet!! I did go look at Peter Davis blog so far from Your Flesh as I have several of those I collected in my box of mag's fro m punk. Gonna bookmark ya' at least then get too it, thanks.

si said...

Many thanks for that Viacomclosedmedown on Youtube. Enjoy the site and Fanzines.