Saturday, 10 April 2010

Suspect Device #6, 1979

'Just to prove that we are human after all we here at SD have combined this month to produce our worst issue to date. Its really abysmal, boring, lacking in content and full of spacefilling crap.'
Paul O'Reilly, 1979

Tensions abound in Suspect Device#6, the last issue to feature contributions from Alison Glanville, The Mysterious 'PP', Linda Goss, and Pete Goss [all went on to produce The Buddy Holly Story]. True, content is a bit lacking - just 10 pages - but a decent enough fanzine anyway. Live reviews: Special AKA/Mekons/Gang of Four, the Rough Trade Tour (Kleenex/The Raincoats/Spizz Energi) in Lincoln, Wolverhampton, Nottingham, and London; record reviews, letters etc.

A4 scanned at 400 dpi

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