Friday, 23 April 2010

Artificial Life #9, 1984

There seems to be a smell of boredom in the air as 1984 is 2/3s let's do something about it and fight this apathy...fight back and reject what you don't want...moaning and groaning about everything isn't going to bring about change - only you can by having a positive outlook on everything.
Jake Jacobs, 1984

Ah, the 'Positive Punk' credo as voiced by Richard North:
'It's a huge collective force that we can call the new positive punk - a re-evaluation and rejuvenation of the ideals that made the original outburst so great, an intensification of and expansion of that ethos of individuality, creativity and rebellion. The same buzz that burned our streets in '76/'77 is happening again'.
So, 'Positive Punk' was sold largely as an antidote to the doom and gloomongery of the Anarcho scene. I always thought it a bit odd myself - I mean, whilst it's true that there was a fair degree of 'moaning and groaning', the Anarchos were by and large a galvanising force. After all, Ian Astbury, of 'Positive Punk' vanguard The Southern Death Cult, drew huge inspiration from his days following Crass/roadying for Poison Girls. Nah, too much of a whiff of the marketing man about the whole notion. Anyway, this issue of Artificial Life also features The Pastels, a decent piece on Criminal Damage Records and a cracking little interview with The Redskins. Record/tape reviews: Some Things Matter Vol. 1, Passion Play Compilation, Xmal Deutschland, The Industrial Records Story 1976-1981, The Bohdi-Beats Poets, The Mighty Wah, Eternal Triangle, Genesis Gospel Singers, Sex Gang Children, 23 Skidoo, Portion Control, 400 Blows, Car Crash International, Biff Bang Pow, X Men, The Jasmine Minks, The Room, The Fall, In Excelsis, Artery, Ausgang, Ghost Riders, Anorexic Dead, Indians in Moscow, The Hollywood Brats, The Actives, Vicious Circle, Colour Box, Ipso Facto, The Tempest, and State of Affairs Compilation.
The remainder of Artificial Life were produced after 1984 so I'll not be posting them here, but if anybody wants copies of issues 10 and 11 I'm sure something can be arranged.
A4 scanned at 400 dpi.

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