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Dave King, 1948 - 2019

R.I.P. Dave


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Pete Shelley, 1955 - 2018

R.I.P. Pete

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Mark E Smith, 1957 - 2018

R.I.P. Mark
Drink a long draft down for the Hip Priest!
I couldn't let this chap's passing go unremarked on EE. Throughout its manifold manifestations spanning 4 decades The Fall remained a truly exceptional band. Ever uncompromising and fiercely independent, Mark E Smith's eschewal of music biz expectations endured as a signature of the Prestwich Wizard. Commenting late last year on the BBC's erroneous announcement of his passing (on the occasion of his 60th birthday - fellow Pisceans he and I), Mark remarked: 'obviously it was the BBC, the idiots. It was stopped in minutes by Fall fans'. Well now Fall fans Earthwide will greatly mourn the death of a true legend. As a mark of respect to this maverick genius I'm posting here an entertainingly combative Fall interview, irascibly conducted by Charles and Jon and presented in After Hours fanzine (#2, 1979)…Hip Hip Hip Hip, Hip Priest!      

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Anti Climax #1, 1979

All this stuff is copyright so don't rip anything off ok?
Seriously, I was contacted recently by Digital Rights Management hawks hassling about an article in an issue of Grinding Halt - apparently the DRM folk were operating on behalf of Vice Squad and it seems they'd adopted a scatter gun approach - they backed off as soon as it became apparent that I did in fact have full blessing from the creators of the zine - - fucking chancers.
Anyroad, here for your delectation is Anti Climax #1 serving up on a vintage paper platter delights such as: articles on The Adicts, Crass' Feeding of the Five Thousand, Metal Urbain, and Running Dogs; interviews with the UK Subs venerable frontman, Charlie Harper, The Buzzpops; live reviews of The Damned/UK Subs/The Specials, and Penetration/Cowboys International; and some product under scrutiny, namely recordings by The Specials, The Shapes, Wot's for Lunch Mum, Stiff Little Fingers, The Skids, XTC, and The Leyton Buzzards. Short & Sweet & Neat Neat Neat.
Single sided A4 scanned at 400 dpi

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Cool Notes #5, 1982

If things go as planned you should find a balloon on this page. It’s a Christmas gift from me, what you do with the bloody thing is up to you. But have fun anyway. (If there’s no balloon hard luck)

Being a lover of the Ranting style of poetry Richard Edwards' Cool Notes always chimed nicely for me. Here in issue 5 there’s a focussed interview with the ever entertaining Atilla The Stockbroker and The Alarm too are given the third degree. There are mini features on Wall of Voodoo, The Insane Picnic, Johnny 7 Combo plus news on Special Duties, The Members, The Chefs, The Gas, David Rodigan, Steel Pulse, The Mood Elevators, B Movie, Talkover, The Assassins of Hope, and Ranter extraordinaire, Seething Wells (RIP). Richard and Cool Notes co-conspirator Kev cast their ears over effusions by Zeitgeist, Twisted Nerve, Living in Texas, Felt, The Monochrome Set, Joe Crow, Thomas Leer, The Nightingales, New Criminals 2, Twelve Cubic Feet, and The Apostles. There are reviews of gigs featuring Stiff Little Fingers/The Alarm, Talkover/Michael Smith, Dead Kennedys/Millions of Dead Cops/Serious Drinking/Peter & the Test Tube Babies. At the Hop is part 2 of a feature on ‘Roots’ music and homes in on luminaries such as James Brown and the Flames, The Harptones, The Spaniels, and The Mascots. A Brief Guide into Africa does as it proclaims. A number of cartoons are sprinkled throughout and there’s the near mandatory fanzine round-up and staff playlists plus some tips for those wishing to make their own LP, write a play, have a bash at seeing Haley’s Comet, or start up a brewery. Finally, there’s the, Those That We Left Out…and Why section telling of missed opportunities with Haircut 100, Flux of Pink Indians, Victor Romero Evans, UB40, Roman Holiday, and Dennis Bovell. Oh well, you can’t have it all I suppose.
A4 scanned at 400 dpi (slightly eccentric page numbering retained from the original)


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