Thursday, 8 April 2010

Suspect Device #3, 1979

...Well its not my fault if youre a moron and I wont care anyway cos well have 10p of yours to print the next issue with and we might just find someone who knows what were on about. You wont but youll buy the next one anyway cos youre frightened of missing something, see ya then suckers.'
Paul O'Reilly, 1979

It's gotten a bit heavy around here so I'm gonna try lightening-up for a while with some straightforward fanzines - starting with a bunch of Suspect Device. Bit of a collective effort this one, though Paul O'Reilly appears to have led the pack. Produced in Newport Pagnell. Live reviews of The Fall, 999/The Piranhas, Gang of Four, Fizcher Z, The Normal + a nice bit on Spizz Oil. Given the Clash bashing within, the cover's gotta be ironic.

A4 scanned at 400 dpi


Longy said...

Excellent stuff Si. I shall enjoy reading this. Thanks alot.

si said...

Nice one Longy, I've another 3 of these to post - probably get them up over the weekend.


Longy said...

Good man Si :)