Thursday, 22 April 2010

Artificial Life #2, 1982

Hopefully this issue provides a variety of bands so that people who like one type of music will become aware of other types of music. Just because it's not 'hip' doesn't mean to say you can't like it!
Thanks to the bands that offer hope.

Well there's sure as hell no mistaking the variety - Amazulu & Mark Stewart! Crass & ABC!! All of them evenly handled in Artificial Life. Undoubtedly, the Gothic constituency was well served with this fanzine - so it's fair play to Jake. Issue 2 includes a 1 page review of Futurama 2 + plugs for The Southern Death Cult, Carmel, Tony Fletcher's Apocalypse, and a comical chat with Andy Partridge.
Interesting articles at the ever excellent Cactus Mouth Informer.


Chris said...

Thanks for this....definately a varied fanzine ! Great piece on Crass,thanks again....Chris

si said...

Cheers Chris, I've yet to post a load more fanzines featuring Crass - I'm holding some of the real classics back (FACK, R.E.M., No Easy Answers, Toxic Grafitty, Terminal Boredom etc, but will get around to them eventually.

Your comments are much appreciated.