Tuesday, 6 April 2010

International Anthem #3, 1980

Out from your palaces, princes and queens,
out from your churches you clergy you christs,
I'll neither live nor die for your dreams,
I'll make no subscription to your paradise.
Penny Rimbaud, Demoncrats

Gee's artwork and Penny's writing brilliantly complimented one & other in these publications - image and word coalescing to frightening effect. Demoncrats (p. 5 in this issue) is a fine example of the coupling. True, they're citing themselves. Nevertheless, Demoncrats is one of Penny's finer poems and stands up no problem in this context; the chilling Reality Asylum painting/news-clipping crucifix juxtaposition an integral hub around which the dreadful text is wrapped. IA#3 is excellent throughout. The last issue to see the light - though many of the images for issues 4 & 5 can be seen in Gee's, Crass Art and Other Pre-Postmodernist Monsters [sorely in need of a reprint].
37cm x 30cm gloss paper - scanned at 300 dpi

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