Friday, 9 April 2010

Suspect Device #5, 1979

'Welcome to the greatest issue of any fanzine ever in the history of this or any other world, there is no way of escaping it, this issue Number 5 is just brilliant.'
John O'Reilly, 1979

Well it's cheers to Malcolm for all this stuff - I heard Jon Savage on the Radio this morning saying it's not possible to overstate the man's influence on popular culture - who could argue with that? Suspect Device#5 is just 1 testament among millions to Malcolm's greatness.

Happily, Spizzophiles were on board at Suspect Device so Spizz and Pete Petrol each have their tuppence on the Spizz Oil split - SCOOP! + an 'Exclusive' Spizz Energi poster. Disclaimer about its originating in SuperPop aside, the Banshees' interview is well worth a read. Live reviews of Doll by Doll/Scars, Psychedelic Furs, calamitous Rock Against Racism gig featuring The Quiffs/Pressure Shocks, Fischer Z, The Members, Wayne County/UK Subs/Spizz Energi, and The Specials; record reviews, letters etc.

A4 scanned at 400 dpi

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