Sunday, 7 March 2010

A Trip Into Realism #1, 1984


Hello and welcome to 'A Trip Into Realism' No. 1. I have tried to cut down on the number of bands in this issue as I want this fanzine to be as informative as possible. The last fanzine I worked on 'Cardboard Theatre' (With Dave) as now completely sold out which is really great news. Not a lot has happened in Whitby since...'
Vince, 1984

Neatly delivers on the informative front with good pieces on bloodsports and squatting + a decent Coal-black comedy from Chumba's Boffo. Bits on Death Zone, Reality Control, Mass Black, and Famous Imposters; gig review of Poison Girls/Toxic Shock/Mark Miwurdz/Chumbawamba; Tape and Fanzine reviews.
A tad feint in parts - but bold throughout.

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Hey, it's great to see so many updates and new zines uploaded!
Every week on my blog I do a roundup of zines that where uploaded and this week I've all put the links of all your uploads: Zines to download -weekly roundup- March 7th 2010.
Thanks for uploading.