Tuesday, 16 March 2010

The Impossible Dream #2, 1980

'In early 1981 I was purposely taken to see the Poison Girls, a mixed-gender anarcho-punk revivalist band. The lead singer, Vi Subversa, was a minor cult - a feisty, powerful middle-aged woman. Some of her songs were like raw Music Hall anthems with highly charged political lyrics and she growled them out to barmy armies of gobbing kids, twenty-five years her junior.
I'm not your fucking mother
I'm not your fucking whore
I'm not your little sister
Or the girl next door
Poisons had just broken their long association supporting punk extremists Crass, were about to headline a nationwide anti-nukes tour, and were looking for an innovative support act - a difficult job in difficult circumstances - but also, as it turned out, in excellent company. But that's another story'.

I got a copy of The Impossible Dream #2 in 1981 at the Bradford Queen's Hall leg of the 'anti nukes tour': Poison Girls, The Mob, and The Southern Death Cult played - the astounding comic Tony Allen was on the bill but didn't perform. These glossy A3 affairs certainly were luscious productions - buggers to get home from gigs in one neat piece though. Clearly, scale and sheen aren't the sole attributes of The Impossible Dream #2. The visual content throughout is striking and woozingly affective lyricism teems from the pages. For light relief Lance interviews Penny Rimbaud to tittersome effect.

Designed and edited by Lance d' Boyle; writing Lance and Vi; contributions from Pete Wright, Nil, Richard Famous, and Sli Fli Posters.

4 x A2 original folded to A3 - scanned at 240 dpi.

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