Wednesday, 3 March 2010

New Crimes #5, 1981

"Welcome to the 5th issue of New Crimes, very definitely the best one yet as I'm sure you'll agree. The response to issue 4 really amazed me, and its been selling all over the country, so I've decided to print 350-400 (Not sure yet at time of writing) instead of 200 as in the past."
Jah Ovjam, 1981
I only got 2 issues of New Crimes but saw others - all were excellent efforts. The fanzine was produced by Graham Burnett (Jah Ovjam) in Southend On Sea during 1980-1983. The '+ MORE' alone in here [pieces on Flack, The Instant Automatons, Primal Chaos, Cold War, AWOL, Part 1, The Apostles; gig reviews of Sinyx/Black Flag, Crass/Poison Girls/Flux/Annie Anxiety, U2/Altered Images, Flux, The Slits, The Revillos, Discharge/Exploited/Anti Pasti/Chron Gen/ The Wretched; record reviews, and 2 fanzine round ups], would be enough to fill your average fanzine of the time.

Good stuff!
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