Monday, 15 March 2010

Pigs For Slaughter #2, 1981


'The perils which afflict a revolutionary communist surrounded by punks can be most eloquently expressed when a cold night in 1982 is summoned from memory: six bands were to play that night and Conflict were top of the bill. Myself and a colleague from the Wapping Autonomy Centre, Ian Slaughter, were irritated to the point of petrol bombs. These punks shouted about revolution as they punched the air with their fists, but frankly, the temporary displacement of a few nitrogen molecules isn't going to drastically hasten the demise of Western capitalism. Ian and I decided to give the revoltion a little assistance since in England it is a truism that in order to effect political change you have to blow it up, burn it down and kick it until it breaks'.

About sums it up really - Pigs For Slaughter raged against inertia, taking a direct challenge to the 'scene' that spawned it. Stuff on The Apostles, A.Y.F., disrupting Hyde Park CND Rally, the SPG, trashing Macdonalds, Autonomy Centre News, and Screen Printing made easy.

Double sided A3 + stapled A4 insert original. Scanned at 400 dpi - hacked-up for ease of reading + A3/A4 scans in pdf.

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