Thursday, 25 March 2010

International Anthem #1, 1977

Who ate whose dinner?
Well the serpent just bit its own tail and
I'm hovering right up here ready to swoop,
this time the phoenixing bird is coming down, fast.
Punk is a voice of revolt, the music is incidental to the message, the message is
This is the business - International Anthem #1, the Education edition is a phenomenal production. The brainchild of Gee Vaucher, it offers a wealth of the artist's work. The skill of the hand at play is staggering. 5 editions were compiled - just 3 were published. Utilizing finances earned from illustrating in more corporate publications, Gee, based in New York at the time, initiated the 'nihilist newspaper for the living' as an 'alternative vehicle' for divergent thought and expression. Beneficent Crass would go on to shovel untold £thousands of wind fallen lucre into well worthy causes; encouraging and nurturing and giving succour up to and beyond their self assigned 1984 sell by date. Penny Rimbaud's searing essay, 'Crass at the Roxy, he falls articulating on the skinned dog', pretty much lays the foundation for the project. Great stuff.
35cm x 27cm newsprint - scanned at 360 dpi.

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