Thursday, 11 March 2010

Pigs For Slaughter #1, 1981


16 tightly packed angry pages from Ian Slaughter et al. Pigs For Slaughter was an in-house organ for the short lived [August 1981-March 1982] Wapping Autonomy Centre. Risque activism tips: good stuff on grafitti, May Day, The Anarchist Centre; reviews + a searching interview with Crass.

'PIGS FOR SLAUGHTER was a fanzine produced in 1981-1982 by Ian Slaughter, a staunch ally of The Apostles in their early days. It bacame infamous within the otherwise pacifist anarcho-punk scene for its support of revolutionary violence, guerilla tactics and direct action, coupled with an overt criticisn of Crass and their ilk. Many of the graphics from Pigs For Slaughter were later used as artwork on The Apostles' record sleeves. The Apostles song "Pigs For Slaughter" was written in tribute to the fanzine and was later covered by Oi Polloi. The Anarchist Youth Federation was organised by a number of those involved with Pigs For Slaughter, The Apostles and the Anarchy Centres before being absorbed into the embryonic CLASS WAR group. The A.Y.F. symbol was a recurring image on all Apostles releases.'

As ever, for horse's mouth stuff about the London Autonomists and comments from Ian Slaughter, see Kill Your Pet Puppy here; and here for more info and an mp3 of The Apostles song, Pigs for Slaughter. Futher mentions here and here.

A5 original - scanned at 600 dpi.

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