Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Music Works, 1980

The Fanzine that Kills all Known Germs Dead

Ok, apologies for yet another hiatus - I wanted to leave the Truth of Revolution alert as the top line until the £15k was reached and I'm pleased to announce that the Kickstart was a success. 
So, cracking on, here is Cram's precursor to Intensive Care, Music Works. It's a lovely scrappy affair largely made up of gig reviews of Crass / Poison Girls / Annie Anxiety / The Epileptics / T42, The Scars / Spizz Energi, Athletico Spizz 80, The Cure, UK Subs and Toyah; vinyl reviews of UK Subs, Toyah, Politicians, Martha & the Muffins, UK Decay, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, The Notsensibles, Dangerous Girls, Siouxsie & the Banshees, The Licks, The Slits, The Filmcast, The Pop Group, Discharge, Adam & the Ants, Killing Joke, and the Afflicted; an article on The Undertones; some little snippets from here and there + bits of collage and Cram's charts. All in all it's an enjoyable article all around really. 

A4 scanned at 400 dpi


LisaS said...

Thanks so much for backing our Kickstarter project. It's been great to find such support for what we are doing. By the way, Robin, one of the authors, used to produce an Edinburgh fanzine "Headslamming" in the early 80's. I'll se if e can dig out a copy and scan some pages if you're interested.

Si said...

Thanks Lisa, it's a pleasure - very much looking forward to your book. I'd gladly host a copy of Headslamming here - if you can dig one out that'd be great.

All the best