Monday, 7 April 2014

The Truth of Revolution Brother

It's excellent to be able to report that the Kickstart appeal acheived the £15K needed to get this great project off the ground. Well done to all those who pledged their support and congratulations go out to Charlie, Lisa and Robin.
The Truth of Revolution, Brother is a unique exploration of the philosophy of punk, based on the ideas, beliefs and lives of the people that created the movement. 
The punk explosion of the late 70’s and early 80’s changed the face of music, art, fashion and more. But it didn't stop there. We believe the originators of this movement were onto something really important. They had a unique view on an alternative way of operating in society (and often outside of it). We set out to reconnect to the same people that were behind this philosophical shift, to see how they live their values today. What had they learned? What is the lasting legacy? We are interested in what this means for us now. 
 We have spent a year with some of the most influential figures in the global punk movement. The people we’ve spoken to have been musicians, artists, poets, politicians and provocateurs of all hues. We’ve interviewed the brains behind bands like Crass, Minor Threat & Fugazi, Sugarcubes, Big Black, Subhumans, Poison Girls, The Pop Group & Mark Stewart and the Maffia, The Møb, The Adverts, The Membranes, Steve Ignorant’s Slice of Life, Ghostigital, Oi Polloi, Rubella Ballet and many more. 
 We are self-publishing a truly stunning and life-affirming book that captures the ideas, experiences and features artwork from real trailblazers. We are creating something of beauty, and have taken enormous care to respect the material and the people that we've been working with to produce a unique treatment about the next stage of the punk journey. 
Become part of this project by backing us on and help us to produce and print this book.


Anonymous said...

theres a recession going on so please tell me whos got the money for a book like this? the truth of revolution is not to be elitist, who can justify the price tag

Si said...

What is the price? Jumping the gun a bit there aren't you? This is just a call for people to get involved and support the project - really, nobody is twisting your arm. Plenty of people clearly do have the money - just check out the support so far - though I am sympathetic towards you if you are indeed struggling. Best wishes