Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Here's the Sex Pistols, 1979

Anarchy, venom, outrage, fury! 
Something of a curio here - it's Paul Sinclair's stand alone, Here's the Sex Pistols. The cover says it all really - it's basically a compilation of press around the Bollocks LP. Mention is made of Swindle and the Pistols' split + some newspaper cuttings and lots of pictures of John Lydon. I suppose it's one for the completist really. Still, worth a minute or 2 of anybody's time - if punk is your bag!

A4 folded scanned at 400 dpi


Anonymous said...

it*s only a jpg

Si said...

Ok, thanks for the nudge - fixed now.


Si said...
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Si said...
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westpier said...

Great set of fanzines, I've only got a few of the ones you've posted. My version of this Pistols zine comes with a yellow cover:

Bibliogs is a new site (sister site of Discogs) that is user based and is hoping to list all the books/journals/fanzines out there. Would be great if you could contribute. I don't work for the site just a fan of punk/indie emphemara and thought it would be great to have all the zines listed in one place.