Friday, 4 October 2013

Sunday Mirra #2, 1977

…and now!
(for interlechools only)….
Issue 2 of Sunday Mirra was brought to you by Rob Rooke, Phil and Steve, and features many great images by the house photographer Ian Paisley. Interviews with Black Slate and Sham 69; news on Penetration, Wayne County, Generation X, The Damned, Johnny Moped; articles include a Very Brief History of Reggae (+ Rough Trade's top selling Reggae records), Wire, Johnny (Rotten) Still Thinks Drugs = Hippies, Bernie Torme and The Dose; live  reviews of Raped/Mean Streets/The Wasps at the Vortex, and Iggy Pop at the Rainbow; LP reviews of Sex Pistols, Skrewdriver, and The Tubes; 7" review of The Heartbreakers, 999, Buzzcocks, Skrewdriver, Generation X, and Radiators From Space; 2 snazzy Sex Pistols' pin ups + the Mirra Crossword. Excellent!  
A4 single and double sided scanned at 600 dpi


Chris Parfitt said...

this is excellent love your blog

my holy grail is the issue 3 of this with a johnny moped article or infact anything with moped in it !

keep up the outstanding work

Si said...

Cheers Chris - I'm pleased to hear you like the blog. I'll keep an eye out for #3 and post asap.

All the best