Thursday, 10 October 2013

Words Written in Trust 1980

Now here's a lovely item - a screenprinted collection of Poison Girls' lyrics compiled by the band in response to the then growing interest from punters and journos alike. This first edition was limited to 150 copies and I am immensely indebted to Edwin Pouncey, to whom this copy was presented by the band, as it was from he that I came to possess this fabulous artefact. Besides the lyrics, WWiT also gives details of the venue and date where each song had its first airing - fascinating stuff I'm sure you'll agree.
Excitingly, Lance d'Boyle informs me that he and Vi are currently working on producing a facimile of WWiT - planning is in its infancy at the moment but continue watching this space for updates and developments. Suffice to say the facsimile will be rather limited - please let me know if you would be interested in scoring a copy when it is eventually published. In the meantime I'll be sharing pages from WWiT - again, if there is a particular lyric you wanted to see let me know and if it is one that was included in WWiT I will share it with you 

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