Wednesday, 25 September 2013

No More of That #1, 1981

It's written in their rules
To put missiles before hospitals
A smashing little fanzine is this No More of That. Assembled by Bobby Gray in Airdrie, it's a somewhat slim affair - just the 12 pages but enough is packed in to be of interest. Interviews with Crass, Six Minute War (quite a lengthy effort by 6MW standards - it may be the longest interview I've seen with those DIY wunderkids) and The L Plates. There's a wee feature on the band End Result, Kelly Woz Nowhere focuses on a TV programme entitled, Kelly Woz Here, and Oi the Farce has a critical look at Garry Bushell's brainchild. Overall it's a very entertaining little number. I'm rather desperately trying to get me mitts on issue 2 of NMoT so if any soul out there can help me out that'd be ace…the desolate sound of tumbleweed
A4 scanned at 400 dpi


Anonymous said...

Hello Si,

Does the email arrive?

I wait for an email from you.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Si - another one I haven't seen since the early 1980's...

They weren't too many SMW interviews at the time (I remember about 4 or 5). Although, funnily enough, there was a band in Coventry called Delayed Reaction who were essentially a SMW covers band! I wish I still had their rehearsal tape demo...

Sorry, I haven't got issue 2 ;)

All the best,


Si said...

Most welcome, Nic.

This is one that always stood out for me primarly on account of the SMW interview. There's a few fanzines going up here that I didn't really pay much attention to at the time - with some it's like I'm reading them for the first time - with others that's the case as I still collect - there seems to be a never ending backlog of titles out there - such a delight.

Must keep an eye for that Delayed Reaction tape - it sounds well intruiging - I'llgive you a shout if I spot it.

All the best