Friday, 20 September 2013

All the Poets #2, 1980

We talk from dark places
Words fall from our lips
Deaths on
Indifferent Tongues
As promised here's issue 2 of Mark Schlossberg's and John Tottenham's, All the Poets. Shouts go out to the Savage Prodigals: Billy Carless, Anna, Maureen, Lynn, Bernard. Annie Anxiety contributed also and there's a Syd Barrett effort resurrected too. Issue 1 can be seen here along with a rake of poetry tinged offerings. Work on this exceptional atrefact was overseen by Better Badges supremo, Joly McFie who commented recently: "looking at it, I remember the big development here was that I fugured out how to do cheapo colour seperation on our process camera using colour filters and angled screens, and making the plates myself. Like 5 quid versus 100 quid for the pro version". Isn't it heartening to know that behind the scenes there acted such a conscientious soul seeking to improve the quality of fanzine printing whilst striving to keep the printing costs at a minimum. Coming soon will be an ee megapost featuring input from Joly along with recollections about some notable BB produced fanzines - keep your eyes peeled for that.

A4 scanned at a measly 300 dpi

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