Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Sniffin' Glue #7, 1977

Hits, downloads and comments prove Sniffin' Glue #12  to be by far the most popular e.e. post, so it's about time we had a gander at another of Mark P's inspirational efforts. The back page is missing from my copy so I've tacked on scans from Sniffin' Glue: The Essential Punk Accessory - again, I recommend scoring a copy of that book while you can - - it's got the full bloody run in it! At any rate, the back page Track ad adds to Mark's remarking about the "£60" so it's well worth having sight of it and we wouldn't wanna be without Erica Echenberg's Hang Up now would we? SG#7 is pre-Danny Baker but Steve Mick, Harry T. Murlowski and EE are on board for comments and photos. Mark P. interviews The Adverts and Don Letts; The Gorillas at The Nashville reviewed; news on The Clash and Generation X; U.S. scene namechecking with Nerves, Low Numbers, Bizarros, Thundertrain, Count Viglione, Gizmos, Venus & The Razorblades, Sneakers, Slickee Boys, Pentagram and Pictures; vinyl reviews - Buzzcocks, Spiral Scratch (including enthusiastically reproduced Breakdown lyrics), The Stranglers, Johnny Moped, The Gorillas, Talking Heads, Crime and The Ramones Leave Home +++ "fanzines that have come out since the last issue: Teenage Depression/White Stuff/Kid's Stuff/More-on 2/Zip-vinyl/Sideburns 2/O.D 2/Flicks/Fishnet Tights"....you see, inspiring! "See yer..." 

Double and single sided A4 scanned at 600 dpi


Andy T said...

Thanks for another Gem Si, much appreciated as always.
I've got the book but its nice to have the paper free pdf too.
Are you coming to the 1in12 for The Mob/Andy T gig on the 12th May?

Si said...

Cheers Andy.

Thanks for the heads up about the 1in12 gig - yes, I will definitely be along for that - I think that'll be The Mob's first appearance at the club won't it?

At any rate, I really look forward to catching up with your good self.

Take care for now.

All the best

Chris said...

Thanks for this Si.....got the book somewhere.....fantastic book it is to ! Watched ATV at the punk do in Blackpool last year.....thought they were fantastic......great to see Mark Perry still at it ! Should be going to the mob gig at the 1 in 12...thanks again,Chris

Si said...

Hi Chris - good news about the possibility of introductions at The Mob gig - I hope you do make it. Andy is the common denominator so we can entrust him with hooking us up.

All the best