Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Paul Gilbert 1961-2012

R.I.P. Paul


Andy T said...

Saw the Jerks at Huddersfield Poly [I think?] RIP Paul x

Si said...

Nice one Andy - never saw them myself but I'll never forget the day my elder brother Derek came home with a copy of woofing dog - such marvellous inanity....woof woof woofwoof woof woof woof woof.


Anonymous said...

Nice tribute to Paul, although the photo is of Charles, the bassist.

Si said...

Thanks for pointing that out - - that's what becomes of being lazy and over reliant on googling. I dug out my reissue of GYWDOM and have rectified the sloppiness.

All the best

Russell Davison said...

RIP Paul Gilbert. Here's thinking of the good times I spent with Ian, your brother, and yourself on the days out with your late father, Ken, in the Yorkshire Dales. It was an honor for me to have introduced the Jerks onto the stage at Manchester's Mayflower Club back in 1977 for one of your first gigs.

Russell Davison

Si said...

Hi Russell, how lovely - thanks for such a personal contribution to this tribute. Bless you.

All the best