Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Incendiary #1, 1984

THIS, and every other issue of
is the
"we do what we fucking want to"

Another great title that isn't it; Incendiary?! A far sight more dynamic sounding than my drabbly titled fanzine, Creation - how very dull aside the Peroxides, Spitting Pretty Pikktures, Nihilistic Vices and what not. Anyway, I know of no copies of Creation that have survived - phew -thank Clapton for that - it was a terrible article. Unlike Incendiary #1 which is packed with great articles and interviews with The Folk Devils and Brigandage (4 pages apiece), New Model Army, Flowers in the Dustbin, and 3D Scream. Editor John Slam kicks-off with the Manifesto for Action: A Declaration of Intent and along the way vents some spleen on Democracy, abolishment of private education, and going through the motions. Elsewhere John offers a brief appraisal of Black Flag/anarchist publications and a short essay, Only Anarchists R Pretty + fanzine round-up and distro info. Neat Neat Neat!

A3 folded scanned at 600 dpi

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