Monday, 27 February 2012

Gun Rubber #5, 1977

Rat: What do you think of Mark P now he's sold out?
Me: I've only met him once he seemed OK, but I don't see why a mag with 10 sides and 5 adverts should cost 30p. I think it's a crap mag.
Rat Scabies and Ronnie Clock (Paul Bower)

I've alluded in recent posts to the kinship and camaraderie amongst fanzine writers but clearly, it wasn't always the case - there was of course occasional bouts of bitchiness. It's to be expected I suppose, particularly where opinionated gobshites are concerned and I guess most fanzine writers had their narky moments. Anyway, here's an early one for you - Sheffield's Gun Rubber was the handiwork of Paul Bower, guitarist/vocalist of 2.3, and Adi Newton of Clock DVA. Gun Rubber ran to 7 issues between January and December '77. See here for an excellent and extensive appraisal of this fine fanzine - and I'll spare you my gobbets. Issue 5 has Interviews with The Ramones, The Damned/Rat Scabies; Live reviews of Split Enz, The Adverts, Blondie, and The Drones; Loudmouth (editorial) has a brief fanzine round-up; there's news on Manchester, Generation X; Art Zero in Amsterdam; Lenny Bruce + some excellent letters (especially Anon's diatribe about why Sex Pistols oughtn't return to Sheffield). A tad sparse looking in parts but the witty writing and insightful interviews more than make up for that. Grab it now!

A4 scanned at 600 dpi


Chris said...

Ace stuff Si ! Bit of a long shot but do you have any phoenix from the crypt fanzines......would love to see some of them again.....sned put issue 4 up a few years back on punks is hippies....thanks,Chris

Si said...

Cheers Chris. Sorry about the PFTC - I'm afraid I have none - We'll have to check with Sned - there's a good chance he has more issues of it. At any rate I'll keep my eye out for it.

All the best

Chris said...

No problem si ! Like i said it was a bit of a long shot ! Thanks anyway.....These fanzines are coming thick & fast....thanks for the one above ! Chris