Friday, 22 October 2010

Ari Up 1962-2010

R.I.P. Ari


roy rocket said...

She was truly beautiful.

I'll be spending some time here over the weekend checking out much of your interesting material.
Looking forward to it.

Have you grabbed the Steppers' posts from back at mine?
Assuming you haven't already got 'em... which you may well have... but if not... damn, am I wasted tonight...

Anyway, pleased to meet ya.

Catch you later.
Regards, roy

si said...

Nice one Roy - enjoy the rummaging - more to follow.

I've just seen the Steppers' stuff - I'll have that third LP thanks + I spotted Calvert's Test-Tube - don't think I've ever heard that one - some of the track titles are familiar but I've never listened to it as a sequenced LP. I'll be chipping away at all your goodies for sure. Btw, it's good to see a decent bit of prose accompanying each post.

All the best

roy rocket said...

Bless ya.

Digging in here; despite my sick pc. Wow, you've got some right nostalgia, taking me right back: memories, old acquaintances and all that...

Putting up your blog on my labels for quick and immediate access; you've hooked another satisfied regular reader

Shanti, roy