Tuesday, 28 January 2014

A System Partly Revealed #2, 1982

Government is Government and Government is Force
John Cato's yer man here. A System Partly Revealed #2 features: interviews with Crass, and Mila 18; Faction, Part 1, and Assassins of Hope in profile; A Justification of Anarchism being a brief hat tip to Bakunin and Proudhon, and The Spectacle, a nod and a half to Guy Debord. There's an extensive review of Rudimentary Peni', Farce EP and elsewhere a shorter look at the Outer Himalayan EP. Live reviews of Rubella Ballet/ Conflict/Annie Anxiety (Moonlight Club), Rubella Ballet/Omega Tribe/Youth in Asia (The Ship), and Crass/Dirt/Annie Anxiety (Crayford Town Hall). There are some nice pieces of poetry and lots more besides in a beautiful rambling mess.

A4 scanned at 400 dpi


Anonymous said...

Thank you Si (as always)...

It's rather odd reading this and thinking about John Cato's later career as a right-armer: such a difference...


Si said...

There you go, yet another gem of info, Nic. I'll update the blog to include John's full name.

I wasn't aware of his later career - I'm keen to avoid any aggro so I don't think I'll mention that - wimp that I am.

Cheers agin, Nic

All the best

shit for brains said...

keep up the good work, great archive of stuff