Thursday, 22 August 2013

Let's Be Adult About This #1, 1979

anyone taking the name seriously ought to be shot
Here's a very stylish fanzine. Let's Be Adult About This was edited by Vicki Bonnet and features a great deal of input from future Foetus man, Jimmi Thirlwell. There's an excellent assortment of interviews here with The Monochrome Set, Swell Maps, Scritti Politti, The Atoms and The Door & The Window (Nag and Bendle of course - but Mark Perry gets to chip in). The interviews are accompanied by a taster of each band's lyrics. Also featured are Deutsch Amerikanischen Freundschaft, The Passage, The Original Mirrors, Dr. Mix & The Remix, Viva, Books, Methodischa Tune, The Scars, Destroy All Monsters, The Tea Set, Cuddly Toys, Music Club, Classix Nouveaux, The The, Balloons, and Manicured Noise in brief articles in which Vicki and Jimmi each have their tuppence. There are reviews of singles by Pink Section, God's Gift, Flowers, Cabaret Voltaire, Phones Sportsman Band, Swell Maps, Josef K, Stepping Talk, English Subtitles, Holger Czukay, Come One, The Sound, Art Bears, Special Affects, Spitfire Boys; a Red Crayola Colouring Competition + a playlist apiece from Vicki and Jimmi. Yet again, another superb fanzine brought to you by…you guessed it - Better Badges!
A4 scanned at 400 dpi


Anonymous said...

Do you have any copies of Trev Faull's Outlet? I used to love that 'zine.

Si said...

Ahh, no - I have no Outlets though if I do cop hold of any I'll be sure to post them here

All the best