Tuesday, 22 January 2013

UrBAN D.K. #3, 1983

101? Now there's a number with which to conjure! Here in UDK #3, Dubliners, Freud Eggs, Mick Kennedy, Mairead Mullins, Pete the Roz and Art O'Leary rustle-up: With the Same Fervour with which We Came We Plough the Earth; Biased Reviews (LPs: Pillows & Prayers Comp, Dambala); a profile of  Max (Marion Woods, Ingmar Klang, Conor Kelly & Johnny Byrne); interviews with Virgin Prunes and Crass (postal jobby with Penny). 12 pages. Job done! 

A4 scanned at 600 dpi


The Dogs Jobby Bag said...

Brilliant again, if you have any Bushell stuff, please burn it

Si said...

Hahaa, poor old Gal - nobody loves the fellow.

Ay any rate, thanks for the positive comment.

All the best