Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Printed Noises #2, 1979

The 60c pencilled top right corner on the cover of this Printed Noise hints at a journey across the Atlantic and back to finally reside just across the Pennines from its Chorlton-cum-Hardy home. There’s a fine assemblage of bands for this second issue with Martin Clayton and Dirk R.E. Matrix interviewing A Certain Ratio, Joy Division (a choice typo has Peter Hood on bass! Rob Gretton gets his tuppence in, and bless Ian Curtis for exclaiming, “fanzines, you are the future of the world”),and The Teardrop Explodes (Julian Cope in comical messianic mode and Mick Finkler recalls Wire – just as Gretton did – just as Charlie Chainsaw did....). There’s an article on The Mediators and Manchester for Beginners puts the spotlight on venues (just the Factory and Band on the Wall really + a mention of City Fun fanzine Ed., Andy Zero reopening The Mayflower as Fun House). Modern Life, Modern Man & the Future offers a schematic for survival + PN’ take on the playlist with their Trendy/Matrix Earlists. Admirable.

A4 scanned at 600 dpi


Chris said...

Fantastic stuff Si....did you make it to The Mob gig in London.....all the sets are up on kyyp....feel like ive missed out ! Hopefully they'll come back up this way soon ! Another gig at the 1 in 12 would be nice ! Chris (thanks for chainsaw as well !)

Si said...

Thanks Chris. Yes I made it to the ATM gig - fine night - I've yet to listen back but I will - it's excellent that kypp have done the business - lots of good pictures up there too - well documented - I saw lots of people filming so no doubt some footage will show up on yt. Andy was talking about arranging more gigs around the country with the same line-up of bands. I hope that comes together.

Have a great holiday period

All the best

Si said...
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