Thursday, 18 October 2012

Blaze #3, 1984

A fine fanzine this - glimpsed partially in the All The Poets post - here's full mashings of Blaze #3. Out of Peterborough - largely the graft of Janine Booth with many able contributors in Eleanor Linwood, Funky Will, Steve Crosby, Steve Hawkswell, Attila, Sooo Burton, Greg Lutto, and Snakey. Blaze #3 has features on: The Tempest, Everything you ever wanted to know about Northampton but were afraid to ask (incl - N/hampton Musicians Collective Rumpo Records), The Syndromes, Insect Flak, Cellar 16, The Exit Girls, Skating for Cover, Bullets for Silver, Armpit Orchestra, Groovy Underwear, Rouska (Richard Paddison), Some thinks you might like to know about some groups within about a 20-mile radius of Peterborough incl - So What, Perpetual Motion, Plastic Heroes, Method of Exection, The citizens); interviews with Billy Bragg, Swift Nick, Care for a Waltz, Orange Juice; live reviews of The Alarm, The Fleshtones, The Climb, PIL, Redaing Rock Festival (incl - The Stranglers, Big Country, Steel Pulse, Auto De Fe, Pendragon, Solstice, Hanoi Rocks, Man), The Big One @ Victoria Apollo (incl - The Style Council, Mari Wilson, Ian Dury, Hazel O'Connor, Elvis Costello, Paul Young, Passion Puppets), GBH/Conflict/ Chaos, Hiroshima Peace Day Festival (incl - Jo Boxers, Orange Juice, Pauline Black, Orchestre Jazira, Lost Loved Ones, Big Country, One The Juggler, The Icicle Works, Billy Bragg, Taming The Outback); poetry in the guise of Ranting at the Nation (incl - Attila the Stockbroker, Steve Hawkswell); plus Letters and Crossword

A4scanned at 600 dpi


Chris said...

Proper mixed bag this one Si ! And very interesting it is for it ! Couldnt have been many fanzines with a Conflict & GBH gig review next to a Paul Young gig review ! The ATM gig is looking less likely by the day....still living in hope though ! Did you ever meet up with Marcus from Pax ? Would be intering to know if he still has any interest in the punk stuff ! And if he's got a box of singles under his bed ! Chris

Si said...

As ever, many thanks Chris - sorry for the short and delayed reply. The last few weeks have been really crappy - bereavement and some terrible news about a brother of mine - I will be in touch.

Take care lad