Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Dangerous Logic #3, 1978

Issue 3 of Oliver Lowenstein's, Dangerous Logic is quite a contrast to recent posts such as Grinding Halt. DL is something of professional-looking proposition with design and layout credits going generally to Ian Denning, and Laura Rae Chamberlain for the rather stylish cover. Oliver remains vibrantly active in publishing, primarily through his Fourth Door Review, which is essentially a vehicle for championing the benefits of progressive societies - or as Oliver would put it: "[t]he way I imagine it, the Fourth Door is a way into possible futures, with the emphasis on the plurality implied by possible. It feels today as if the increasing tug and ubiquity of one omnidominant official future, drowns out the capacity to even imagine other, unofficial futures."

Anyway, this edition of DL features a superb bunch of interviews with, and articles on Pere Ubu, The Fall, Buzzcocks and Caroline Coon. The only whiff of a review comes in the shape of an appraisal of Julie Burchill's and Tony Parsons', The Boy Looked at Johhny. A cracking read throughout.

A3 folded scanned at 600 dpi

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