Tuesday, 10 July 2012

In The City #6, 1978

Still lot's of other titles to appear on ee but I thought I'd slap on another ITC - definitely one of my favourite fanzines, despite its knockers. As usual, Pete Gilbert and Frank Drake dish-up lashings of intelligent comment, interviews, news, reviews and original Gilbert photos. Quick note, I can't quite scan the cover correctly - it should be garish puke green but appears here a tame turquoise - ho hum! Anyway, bollocks aside, ITC#6 features: an extensive review of The Rezillos at the Marquee + in depth interview with Eugene, Faye and John; TRB in the USA reviewed by Cathy Nemeth and an ITC interview with Dolphin + bonus poem from the charming TRB drummer (he really is sound, I once interviewed him alongside Jake Burns during his stint with SLF - that interview appeared in the 3rd and last issue of my Fanzine, Creation, limited to a measly  20 copies - if I ever find a copy I'll whack it on ee and give y'all a laugh); onwards with an extended appraisal of Magazine's, Real Life; Patrik Fitzgerald live; Jawing offers an Ultravox Warning; reviews of 7"s by The Diodes, Johnny Thunders, Skooshny, Tonight, Steel Pulse, The Normal, Ian Gomm, The Lurkers, Rich Kids, Automatics, Patrik Fitzgerald, Jet Bronx, Fruit Eating Bears, Penetration, The Tights, Elton Mottelo, Essential Logic, Destroy All Monsters, Cane (3X3), Buzzcocks, and Martin & The Brownshirts. Its Killa dilla! 
A4 single and double sided scanned at 600 dpi 


Chris said...

Fantastic stuff Si ! (and guttersnipe as well !) Shame chumbawamba have decided to call it a day.....nothing lasts for ever though ! seen some fantastic chumbas gigs over the years,the last time i saw them was at solfest a few years back doing the folky stuff,not the stuff i'd usually listen to,very enjoyable all the same ! If you get chance (if you havnt already) Boff whalleys book footnote is highly recommended !

Si said...

Cheers Chris.

'Tis a shame about Chumbas - likewise, from the first time I saw them back in '82 throughout their excellent 30 year stint they've been a massively entertaining band. Had the pleasure of doing a few gigs with them back in the AS/MH days too :)

Not read Boff's book yet but it's a deffo on my list.

See ya soon

All the best